Does Elasticsearch has crawler?

(Anuj) #1

Does Elasticsearch has crawler ?

Crawling for elasticsearch
(David Pilato) #2

Also what kind of crawler?
This ( ) does web crawling.

Otherwise you might find some database crawling options with logstash, FSCrawler for local files, gopa for web crawling....

(Anuj) #3

Thanks David !!

I want to replace GSA via elasticsearch ?

As per my understanding GSA has own Crawling capability so looking for similar utility in elasticsearch.

(Anuj) #4

Currently my site is using GSA for site search and now i want to replace GSA site search with elasticsearch

(Christian Dahlqvist) #5

Have you seen the Elasticsearch Site Search Service? Does that match your requirements?

(Anuj) #6

Thanks Christian !!

I want to use it for Intranet hosted site so i want to setup everything in our data-center.

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