Does Elasticsearch provide an equivalent of IN (SELECT...)?

We are saving one item for each user, show, and episode. We save everything on the same index.
The ERD would look something like this:

 ┌────┐      ┌────────────┐     ┌────┐
 └────┘      └────────────┘     └─┬──┘

And the items would look something like this:


{ id: user-1, name: one }


{ id: show-1, title: showTitle }


{ id: show-1, title: episodeTitle, showId: show-1, createdAt: today }

We want to do a subscription page like youtube, we want to list all the episodes from all the shows the user has subscribed to. If possible we would like to achieve this on a single query.

On PostgreSQL i would have used IN, with a query like this:

SELECT * FROM Episode WHERE show_id IN (SELECT show_id FROM Subscription WHERE user_id = 'userId')

Does ES provide a way to achieve this?
We are thinking on using multiple queries, one for each subscription, but if possible we would like to delegate all this to a single Elasticsearch query.

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