Does Elasticsearch round the long values in documents?

I inserted the document in ES 2.4.0 :

 POST library/books/478749376728789638
                   "bookId": 478749376728789638,
                    other fields...

When i indexed the above document in the ES the response is like this

_index": "library",
            "_type": "books",
            "_id": "478749376728789638",
            "_score": 1,
            "_source": {
               "bookId": 478749376728789600,
                and other fields

So, when i searched the bookId:478749376728789638,it is not showing any results because the bookId is not actually present in ES.

And when i used bookId:478749376728789638 value in excel it is converted to bookId:478749376728789000

I don't know why this is happening, because of these i am not getting accurate results from ES.

The mapping for this bookId is

 "bookId": {
                  "type": "long"

How can i able to avoid this?


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