Does Elasticsearch work with Apache HTTPD on Windows?

I haven't been able to find an answer to this in the documentation.

I am part of a team currently evaluating whether Elasticsearch works for us. Getting Elasticsearch up and running will take some time, so it would be helpful if anyone knows if it works with Apache HTTPD on Windows.

What do you mean by "works with Apache HTTPD"? What are you trying to do?

We're trying to replace the built-in search in program called Madcap Flare with Elasticsearch. Our web server is Apache, so I'm trying to rule Elasticsearch in or out on that basis.

I'm a technical writer, not a developer, so don't know how to be more specific than that.

Elasticsearch has it's own web server, you can't replace it though. There's no real dependency there you need to worry about as Elasticsearch will still serve requests without apache..

Thanks. The situation is that we are forced to use Apache for unrelated technical reasons.

To clarify, are you saying that there is nothing to stop us using an Apache server and Elasticsearch?

They will happily exist beside each other.

Thank you for clarifying.

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