Does filebeat re-read the same .log file in a different directory?

Filebeat version: 7.15
OS: Windows 10

Hello everyone,

Let me give you people a short description about my situtation:

I configured my filebeat to read all .log files in "\path_to_logs\logs\ * \ *.log." My program that creates logs store daily logs in month-by-month created folders such as "2021-11" or "2021-12".

In "\path_to_logs\logs" path, today's logs are stored in app.log. As the system time show 24:00, program moves "app.log" into this month's folder and create new "app.file"for a new day.

My question is, how does filebeat react to previously created "app.log" file in new path?

As I've read from the documentations, I haven't noticed such information.

I would be grateful for all types of support.

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Basically any file that is in a different path, even if it has the same name, will have a different inode reference on the filesystem and will be treated as a new file.

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Many thanks!

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