Filebeat input logs from file

Filebeat version 6.6.1

Is it possible to use a file as my input for filebeat?
I have an application that generates thousands of log files a day. This application generates an index log file that references all of the log files for a specific event. So it creates a hierarchical log file structure.

So for example I have an index file named Production_run_1.log that looks like this:

C:\Program Files\Production\Logs\9548-6872-4785-1328.metrics
C:\Program Files\Production\Logs\9548-6872-4785-1328.log
C:\Program Files\Production\Logs\9548-6872-4785-1328.dump

Each index file contains a couple dozen different logs. Is it possible for me to read that file and use it as the input for filebeat?

I also have several dozen of these index logs through the day for different production runs.

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