Does "filebeat setup -e" need to be run every time I enable a module, or only once for all modules?

So far I've been running "filebeat setup -e" every time I enable a new filebeat module. However, looking at its output, it seems to be setting stuff up for all of my modules, even the disabled ones.

Do I need to run "filebeat setup -e" every time I enable a new filebeat module, or only when I install it the first time or upgrade to a new version?


See this... (ha) I thought we answered this.

Yes, run setup when a new module and / or you change the version.

Yes some of all the assets are loaded when you run setup, but not all ... (which actually may have changed in 8.recent looks like 8.recent loads all the assets but that was NOT the behavior in 7.X as only the pipeline for enabled modules got loaded. )

I actually think we may be reducing/changing that behavior in the future so yes run setup with each new module to be safe..

So Yes run with each new module. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, I see now that you did answer it already. :slight_smile: I just got thrown off by the behaviour you're mentioning with recent 8 versions.

Thanks again!

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