Ingest Pipeline does not update on filebeat setup

I'm trying to develop two new modules for filebeat, but ran into issues as I was trying to update my pipelines after some trial and error. It seems like they don't update like they should, so this could be a potential issue in filebeat.

A previous topic suggested running filebeat setup. I did this, but had no effect.

The create a module tutorial also suggests running filebeat setup --pipelines to force the update, but this also made no difference.

I managed to get my updated pipelines and get my modules working eventually by manually sending the pipeline via the dev console in kibana (using the ingest api).

Version: 6.3.2 (based off the 6.3.2 tag on github repo).

Pipelines of enabled modules are loaded only by Filebeat. Have you enabled you module in the config or during setup?

You could run:

./filebeat setup -pipelines -modules="{{ your-module-name }}"

Thanks for the quick reply!

I tried it in the config, but on a server where the module was enabled in a /etc/filebeat/modules.d/ directory. I did load a config locally too, to talk with my elasticsearch instance, but did not try explicitly enabling the module. I'll try it.

It worked! I think my error then was not explicitly enabling the new modules via the -modules option.

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