Does flush method works in ES php api?

(Rabeet waqar) #1

Hello, @polyfractal
$oES = new ElasticSearchApiManager();
$sEsIndexToBeFlushed = array(
'index' => 'index_name'
$flushed = $oES->oClient->indices()->flush($sEsIndexToBeFlushed);

It returns :

{"_shards": {"total": 10,"successful": 5,"failed": 0}}

But it doesn't work.
Does flush method works or not?

Thanks in advance

(Zachary Tong) #2

Hi @rabeetwaqar, sorry for missing this!

The flush method does work, to the best of my knowledge. Why do you think it is not working?

BTW, I tend to keep an eye on the repo more than the if you need help in the future that's a better way to grab my attention.

(Rabeet waqar) #3

Because the data is not getting flushed , it remains the same as it is.

Yeah sure , will follow you up there :smile:


(Zachary Tong) #4

I think you may be having a different problem. Flushing in Elasticsearch just means the non-committed Lucene segments are committed (fsync'd) to disk. It basically tells Lucene to make buffered in-memory data structures durable on disk. It doesn't affect "searchability" or how data is indexed at all.

(Rabeet waqar) #5

Yeah i think i'm having some other issues.
Btw i'm now using deleteByQuery with params :

'query': {
'match_all': {}

It deletes all the data :wink: i know its not a good way to do this but will see flush method when i will have extra pair of time. :wink:


(Zachary Tong) #6

If you just want to delete all your data in an index, there is a Delete Index api which will be much faster / safer:

  'index' => 'my_index'

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