Does ILM work in Logstash with custom index names?

Hi there, we are currently using a single, generic "logstash-*" ElasticSearch output which works quite well with the default ILM defaults of 30 days or 50GB and the automatic alias naming convention of logstash-2020.04.03-000001, logstash-2020.04.13-000002, logstash-2020.04.24-000003, etc.

We are currently adding different data types via additional pipelines in a single logstash process but would like to keep those different data types for different amounts of time. I was thinking of creating multiple indexes with different names using a mutate like:

mutate { add_field => { "[@metadata][target_index]" => "prod-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}" } }

but then I saw the comment here:

You cannot use dynamic variable substitution when ilm_enabled is true and when using ilm_rollover_alias .

How can I enable custom logstash indices and have the associated ILM policies like: logstash-custom1-2020.04.24-000003?

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