Does initial interval work on start up for google workspace module?


I would like to ask question for google workspace module .

Doc says , filebeat will poll up to var.initial_interval when the filebeat starts.

It will poll events up to this time period when the module starts.

However, I have used fresh docker image and started up but only polled up to var.interval .

I have looked at the code and it seems that var.initial_interval is used as default which is only used when value is empty or the template parsing fails . Which I understood as var.initial_interval is not used unless something is wrong with value .

Should I go with the doc or should I trust the code ?

Thanks ,

So the code shows that since the.cursor.* is empty when the coffee first runs it does use the initial interval to poll. Then the cursor is updated and is used for subsequent API calls.

Thank you for the reply. Yeah your right. I was wrong.
Just tested again with DEBUG level log and confirmed that var.initial_interval is used.

2022-03-30T10:04:22.580Z        DEBUG   [input.httpjson-cursor.retryablehttp]   go-retryablehttp@v0.6.6/client.go:504   performing request%!(EXTRA string=method, string=GET, string=url, *url.URL=        {"id": "BBFA557C8D443451", "input_source": "", "input_url": ""}

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