Does it make sense to filter out documents with min_score?


I am trying to optimize the results of some queries in order to get only the relevant documents.
My use case is that for a given query, I am getting 4 matches instead of 3.
The scores of the documents are:

  • 0.71508944
  • 0.33722776
  • 0.13875061
  • 0.007067728

Notice that the latest one seems to have a very low score.

My question is, whether it makes sense in this case to use min_score.

Follow-up: If so, can the min_score value be calculated with a function? (so that it's not a fixed value)

Notes: ElasticSearch version 2.4.1

min_score needs to be a fixed value. Maybe it makes more sense to investigate why the last match is a match at all and if you can refine your query, if you really do not consider it a match?

P.S. you might want to think about upgrading, you are using a soon to be unsupported version

I agree on evaluating why does it considered a match.

It's on the plans to upgrade! Thank you :slight_smile:

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