Does pagination work with msearch with a HighRestClient in java

Hi I have some questions based on pagination for reading an index.
(by the way, FIFO doesn't need to be guranteed, just need a bulk reading process with speed)

obviously in java using the HighRestClient, I have heard that this isn't thread safe thus
my intentions to create a multithreaded pagination reading code was dismissed....

recently, I have found a function called msearch which might slightly speed the process due to
the reduce of connection latency for a request.

By using a code that repeats scrolling and searching, is it possible to use msearch in such procedure?

final Scroll scroll = new Scroll(TimeValue.timeValueMinutes(30L));
        SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest();

        SearchSourceBuilder searchSourceBuilder = new SearchSourceBuilder();

        BoolQueryBuilder queryBuilder = QueryBuilders.boolQuery()
            .must(QueryBuilders.matchQuery("collectDate", today).operator(Operator.AND))
            .must(QueryBuilders.matchQuery("collectHour", hour).operator(Operator.AND))
            .must(QueryBuilders.matchQuery("type", type).operator(Operator.AND))
            .must(QueryBuilders.matchQuery("useAttr", useAttr).operator(Operator.AND));

        searchSourceBuilder.fetchSource(include, exclude);


        SearchResponse searchResponse =, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
        String scrollId = searchResponse.getScrollId();
        SearchHit[] searchHits = searchResponse.getHits().getHits();

        while (searchHits != null && searchHits.length > 0) {

            for (int i = 0; i < searchHits.length; i++) {

             ///////////////////////////////service code  that adds each docs to a List object in the java HEAP ///////////////////////////////////////////

            SearchScrollRequest scrollRequest = new SearchScrollRequest(scrollId);
            searchResponse = client.scroll(scrollRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
            scrollId = searchResponse.getScrollId();
            searchHits = searchResponse.getHits().getHits();

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