Does setting close_inactive to 0 means disable this option?

I am confused about this because the docs doesn't make it clear...

Oh, I am using Filebeat 7.1

There is currently no way to disable that options in filebeat,l you can use a really high values if you want though.

May I ask why you feel the need to disable that option?

So good to see your reply, thanks! The case is I'm using filebeat to collect logs from docker containers and I don't want lost any log even the log file is deleted by docker daemon(I set 1G per container). I used to believe that disable close_inactive would meet my needs, but I find I was wrong after reading the docs again:rofl:. The file will remain open util EOF even there is no new data append for a long time(the "inactive" I used to believe). Thank you very much and sorry for the late reply.

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