Does the lumberjack output plugin do the loadbalacing

Dear all,
I am using lumberjack output plugin to send logs from logstash to logstash. I use this code

       lumberjack {
               codec => json
               hosts => ["XXX","YYY"]
               port => ZZZ
               ssl_certificate => "/SERVICE/logstash/certs/PPPP/lumberjack.cert"

We checked that lumberjack redirect the flow automatically to YYY when the server XXX is shut down and vice versa. However, I want to ask if the workload become very huge, does the lumberjack protocol do load balancing between the servers XXX et YYY.

Thanks in advance

My reading of the code is that picks one of the list of hosts to connect to and sends everything to that. It does not balance across multiple connections.

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