Does the max_clause_count parameter affect the number of values in a terms clause?

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Hi all

I'm using ElasticSearh 2.3.2 - I know, EOL this September -, with a query like this:

                    { "terms": {"id": ["cafe-babe-0000","cafe-babe-0001","cafe-babe-0002","cafe-babe-0003","cafe-babe-0004","cafe-babe-0005","cafe-babe-0006","cafe-babe-0007","cafe-babe-0008"]}}

So, Can I use more than 1024 values in the terms array? After testing, I've seen that ES launch an exception in there are more than 1024 values in the array?. Is it these correct?

I thought that the max_clause_count parameter only affected the number of clauses in the query and not the number of values.

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