Does the score calculation admit a maximum?

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I have an index of resumes and I want to compare it to a job offer as query. As long as I understand the tf idf that is behind the scoring does not have maximum, isn't it? When I process the query, I have the list of resumes and there scores. It also provides a max value in the result that is useful to normalized results. However, it means the document with the best score will be normalized as a 100% matching document whereas the fact of being first doesn't mean it is the best document. There certainly a resume that fits better the job offer but is not in the index. Does elastichsearch permit to calculate a max score that is not the score of the first document? This kind of problem can be handled by elasticsearch?

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Scores are relative so there is no max defined and you can not set that either. Have a look at this thread for a similar discussion.

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Thank you for you response, I found some threads about the subject but it wasn't clear for me and I didn't found this one.

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