Does the .tar.gz archive include the systemd module?

Hi all,

I have a working installation of Elasticsearch 7.10.1 on Debian 10.7, which was installed via the tar.gz archive into /opt/elasticseach, however I'm having trouble using systemd to control startup\shutdown.

Because the archive does not come with a template systemd service file, I used the one found in the repo here:

However, I think the following is causing problems:


In my tests, Elasticsearch never notifies systemd that it's full loaded, even when Elasticsearch does successfully complete startup. I always end up hitting the TimeoutStartSec value (even when extended to 5 minutes), and systemd assumes the service failed.

I suspect Elasticsearch isn't equipped with a systemd module to use sd_notify based on a comment found here (line 199 at time of posting):

I might be totally wrong, and am looking to the community to either confirm or correct my findings. Elasticsearch starts up fine, and works OK - it's just not reporting back to systemd at all!

No, the systemd module is only included in "package" distributions (i.e. .deb and .rpm, but not .tar.gz):

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Thanks, good to know for sure!

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