Dome issues after update to 5.4

(Orhan) #1


just updated to 5.4 and wanted to share a problem i had with the solution :slight_smile:

so i already had 5.x installed after upgrade i also installed x-pack (for the first time) and started to get the below in the logs, which didnt explain much and no logs in elastic :frowning:

"For path: events", :error=>"LogStash::Instrument::MetricStore::MetricNotFound"}

so after trying some config changes i started to run my configs one by one with --debug then realized that it was an issue with the plugins had to re install them and all is good :slight_smile:

dont know why you cant see the plugin errors on the normal logs but though you should know

hope it helps

(Mark Walkom) #2

Can you post the entire error?

(Orhan) #3

Hello Mark,

unfortunately I cant, that was the only things in the logs for logstash, after i ran the the debug, i realized the problem with translate filter and the missing patterns in my pattern file which were preventing logstash from running :confused:

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