Dots in Fieldnames => ES 2.X Upgrade will fail?

Hi guys,

i apologize if this is 1242032nd thread to this particular upgrade topic.

After getting rid of the different mapping-types of fields in different ES-types, i now got the "problem" to have some fields with dots in it in almost every index, mostly completely nonsense fields that got produced by an not 100% working Logstashfilter.

Migration-Tool is telling me after the last Update that it is a big issue, however a long time it displayed the "dot-fields" as a yellow error - meaning it is not optimal and those fields wont continue to work in ES2.0.

When i upgrade my ES 1.7 to 2.1 or 2.3, will the upgrade process fails cause of this annoying fields or will there be a warning displayed?

If it fails, why? Seems like ES 2.0 can deal with dot fields, as it does e.g. with the ".raw" multi fields.

It would be a work of months to reindex all of the indices, so i hope i could get around it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.

You can not get around it. ES uses dots as internal field name separators.

ES 1 produced an inconsistency between

"a" : {
  "b" : "c"


"a.b" : "c"


"b" : "c"

when referencing field name a.b or short form b in a query.

ES2 resolves this to the former case and enforces full field names in the mapping.

Thanks for your detailed answer.

Too bad ES dont just ignore that inconsistent fields on upgrade/mapping.

But it wont help than, sigh

What I would LOVE is an option to replace the dots in fields upon snapshot restore/upgrade.

At the moment I'm having to write a program to go through and re-index all documents using fields without dots so that we can later upgrade.

This makes me sad, especially when: