Double Quotes being truncated


We are shipping all our K8s logs to ELK. We noticed that double quotes are being truncated in ELK. Not sure what is the issue. Can you please guide us

K8s logs

"{\r\n \"param1\": true,\r\n \"param2\": true,\r\n \"param3\": 100,\r\n \"param4\": 0.01,\r\n \"param5\": 10000,\r\n \"param6\": 400,\r\n \"param7\": {\r\n \"inparam7\": [\r\n {\r\n \"param8\": \"value1\",\r\n \"param9\": \"value2\",\r\n \"param10\": 100\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }"\n"

In ELK showing

{\r\n \ param1\ : true,\r\n \ param2\ : true,\r\n \ param3\ : 100,\r\n \ param4\ : 0.01,\r\n \ param5\ : 10000,\r\n \ param6\ : 400,\r\n \ param7\ : {\r\n \ inparam7\ : [\r\n {\r\n \ param8\ : \ value1\ ,\r\n \ param9\ : \ value2\ ,\r\n \ param10\ : 100\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }

Thank you in advance

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