Doubt about indice

I download the elastic 1.6
change node name, cluster name, and set false.

then i create one indice and input 2 docs inside..

so why when i look my indice he still yellow and dont green?


Yellow status means that you have all primary shards assigned but not all replicas have been assigned. This will be the status if you are running a single node with default index settings since, by default, elasticsearch will set index.number_of_replicas to 1. The primary shards will be assigned to your node but the replicas cannot as replica shards cannot be on the same node as their primary. Yellow status is not a problem is this scenario, but if you was fault tolerance in your cluster you will need to add another node. More information on cluster health can be found here:

You can also get your cluster to green status by updating the indices settings to set index.number_of_replicas to 0. More information on doing that here: