Downgrade from 7.9 to 7.8

Hi All, need some thoughts on this. for some reasons I need to move from v7.9.3 to v7.8. I know I can not do a snapshot and restore. but what are my other options here?
I thought for reindex from the old cluster to the new cluster, but could not find a bulk reindex API. is there any other more efficient way?

You can not downgrade so you will have to reindex indeed.

What do you mean? The reindex API uses the bulk API behind the scene.
Do you mean doing all that automatically?

You need to write a script which:

  • List all indices from the old cluster: GET /_cat/indices?h=index
  • For each index, fetch settings, mappings, aliases: GET INDEX
  • Create the same index in the new cluster (using settings, mappings...): PUT INDEX
  • Run Reindex from remote in the new cluster to reindex from the old cluster

Not sure if there is already a tool which does all that.

Out of curiosity, why would you downgrade?

I mean is there a reindex that do that, and for bulk indexes, so al I do I specify list of indexes and target server and it does the job?

Customer upgraded too soon to 7.9 without realising that we have a migration from GCP to AWS coming.

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