Download Transactions Data to excel sheet in Elastic APM

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Is there any way can download the TRANSACTIONAL DATA to an excel sheet.

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Please can we get help for above query.


I don't think there's an easy way to export that view with the transaction metrics. However, you could export a list of transactions in Discover, like this:

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Thanks for the workaround. Does this work for Open Source - APM solution.


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How can we take in discover SQL Query into csv, provided for particular Span has SQL Query.

Looking for something like - Time,, SQL Query (if at all we have) in CSV file.

For Ex: -

I think you could do this by pinning the fields you want. Find the fields on the left that match the fields you want to capture, and then click the + button to "Add field as column". Then in the search box, you filter for the SQL query and then export the table to CSV.

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Appreciate your help here !!

SQL Query is not visible on the Transaction page (transactions we see). If we click on the transaction, span opens up and finally click on Sql Statement.

So SQL statement is not on the Transactions Page.

Question is how do I get in Discover - Tansaction name + associated SQL in 1 go

Time,, SQL Query (if at all we have) in CSV file.

In Doscover no fields which says about SQL

Example :

After clicking on the above "transaction" we see Waterfall view, there again by clicking the SQL Stmt would get the actual SQL .


I don't think there's an easy way. Span documents do not have the transaction name, just the transaction ID. There's no easy way from within elasticsearch to join these documents, so you would have to write a little script that would pull down the spans you want, and then query the transaction names based on the transaction IDs. You could then combine those pieces of data in your script and write them to a CSV file.

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

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