How to get Metric from Transaction Page - APM


I want to create a dashboard from the metrics on the transaction page. How and what metrics are used? I use elasticsearch and kibana 8.5.3 and using java appilication

the data you are looking for is stored in traces-apm*
You may have to create a new data view, unless you already have one matching that pattern (or one that's more broad would also work)

For the first three visualizations, you should filter for
processor.event: transaction and*

Latency: Average function in Lens, on
Throughput: Count function in Lens, using the above Filter
Failed Rate: Looks complex at first, but really simple using a Formula in Lens

count(, kql='event.outcome: "failure" ') / count(, kql='event.outcome: * ')

Time spent by Span type: you want to use an Area Percentage chart in Lens, filter for
processor.event: span and*
and then do a Lens Average of, break down by span.type

Now all that's left to do is to play with some of the Lens options, such as setting the data bounds (y axis) for the failed transactions chart, enable "curve lines" for all of them to make them look more similar to the APM UI if that's what you're after.

In theory you can even use Lens formulas and the timeshift function in it to add the comparison lines for last week or last day.

You can also filter or break things down by the field to get results for specific transactions

This is 8.7 so it looks slightly different, the fields are the same in your version:



Thank you, it's help a lot

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