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I try to create Custom Dashboard (APM), but I still Confuse to create visuallens (chart) to every single transaction in single Dashboard. example : I want to create Latency (response time) for transaction like Login, Booking, Transfer, etc. in single Dashboard. I can't find field about response time.

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You can look at those fields here

Hi @stephenb , thank you for your reply.

I Try to check event.duration, but empty field.

but in APM Default Dashboard APM (Transaction), I see the Latency for the transaction. like below

Please Advice,

Apologies, I put in the wrong wrong field last night see above proper field is

For transaction

and for spans

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.26.27 AM

Hi @stephenb ,

Thank you, I can see the data now about response time. but in unit of time average of is not mili second (ms), can we change to ms ?

Please Advices,

You can change the formatting in with Field Management

Stack Management / Index Pattern / apm-*

Thank you very much for helping me @stephenb .

Here you can find an example dashboard using the APM data and other data sources.
Kibana Canvas dashboard for APM
Kibana Dashboard for Observability

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