Display latency, throughput of APM instrumented apps in custom Kibana dashboard

Hello people,

We have instrumented some Java and .NET applications with APM agents. So in Kibana->APM ->Services we can see the apps and all the relevant metrics like Throughput, Latency, Failed transaction rate, etc.

Is there a way to add these metrics in a custom Kibana dashboard?
A call the Elastic API or a query of some sort?

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Any reply?

Hi @catalin.bulancea
What version of the Elastic Stack are you on?... I ask because how / where that data is stored changed in 8.x?

Hi Stephen,

The version of ELK stack is 7.17.4.


Hi @catalin.bulancea

Ok so in 7.17.x It is more / somewhat more intuitive,...

Warning it changes completely in 8.x, as we moved to a different underlying data model to improve scalability. When you get there come back and ask.... these charts may become "embeddable" at some point meaning you could add them to your own dashboard... that is on the roadmap somewhere I think.

For Service Transaction / Min TPM

index Pattern traces-apm*,apm-*,logs-apm*,...
Filter processor.event : "transaction"
X-Axis : Date Histogram
Y-Axis : Count normalize unit to per Minute'
Break Down by service.name or transaction.name

Here you go

For the Duration / Latency

Use the same except Y-Axis
uUe Average transaction.duration.us that will be in usecs
If you want ms then put this in the formula

Hi Stephen,

I will give it a try and let you know.

Thank you for your reply!

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