Filter out some specific metrics from Discovery or APM dashboard


I am trying to pull some observability data from APM and Discover dashboards, but I can't get beyond couple of simple data.

In APM dashboard, it only returns data if I search for and in Discover, if I search for

I don't need to make very advanced queries, but I am just not being able to get anything besides this.

I need to get the following:

  • Average of requests per minute

  • Number of maximum requests per minute

  • Average cuncurrent requests per minute

  • Number of maximum concurrent requests per minute

  • Average execution time of a request

  • Maximum executiun time of a request

When I say of a request, I mean, imagine a POST request to /login, I want to see which request took most from all these POSTS, and so on.

I don't know if it is necessary any additional information. I am not posting the versions of the agent or PHP, because it seems to be quite irrelevant. I can see all the data coming to APM server, it's just I can't filter out anything. Every time I try to filter something I get "No results match your search criteria", in Discovery and "No transactions were found" in APM.

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Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. Are you using the curated APM UI app in Kibana? Can you add some screenshots that shows the problems you are having?