DR setup for elasticsearch

Looking for the different options for DR setup for elasticsearch. Any blogs/videos on this topic will be helpful.

@Mruthyu, Can you please explore little more? That will be helpful to understand your requirements.

Currently i have few input:

  1. If you are talking about how your elasticserach can be UP 24x7x365 you should use atleast 3 node cluster.
  2. If you are thinking how you can get (sync) old data which you truncated after certain time of period from ES. Then you should take snapshot of your data and can restore whenever you need it.

Hope so above points will help you. Still you have any query please let me know.


Thanks you. I am looking for scenario where the data centre hosting the Elastic cluster goes down and we should have a mechanism to withstand the failure of DC. Looking for a kind of active-active DR setup.

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