Drilldown on Kibana Scripted Fields

Kibana: 7.1.1

I created a few Scripted Fields in Kibana using painless to parse a list of key/value pairs. I use different scripts to produce data formats to enable various visualizations. For example:

  1. Pie Chart: Top 1 key only
  2. Bar Chart: Top 5 keys only, and
  3. Data Table: "key1(value1%), key2(value2%), ..." fields (custom stitched string with top-5 both key and value pairs)

Drilldowns are extremely important for our usecase. On a typical Kibana Dashboard Visualization it is straight forward to drill-down into data by clicking a chart element to enable a filter on that field: key/value. Or to have a Dashboard Control element that enables similar filtering/drilldown. However, I am unable to drill-down on a scripted-field based visualization (say Pie Chart/Bar Chart) when I click an element (sector/bar respectively). The visualizations present a No results found status :frowning:

1.What can I do to fix/enable drilldowns on scripted fields? :bulb:
2. Are there any workarounds I can try? :man_factory_worker:
3. Alternatively, is there a way to disable clicking (drilldowns) on Visualizations created by scripted fields - so as to be clear to the user that drill-down is not supported on a specific visualization? May be using advanced javascript? :frowning:

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This is very much past EOL, please upgrade ASAP and see if that solves your problems.

Kibana: 7.10.2

@warkolm Unfortunately, I still can't drilldown after upgrading to 7.10.2

Before Drilldown: Graphs with Data populated using Painless Scripted fields (some content redacted)

After Drilldown Filter (applied by clicking the first column: 'Support' on the top right bar chart): No Data populated on the above graphs :frowning:

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