Drop events to monitoring FTP

I was trying to use Packetbeat to monitor network traffic of a FTP server. in a specific way, I was trying to log all the attempted connections on local port 21 and 22.
Just to start I've enabled http protocol on port 21-22 with this code:

  ports: [21, 22]

but I'm getting event from a lot of local ports.

Packetbeat does not support the FTP protocol. See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/packetbeat/current/packetbeat-overview.html for a list of supported protocols.

perfectly correct, I knew that but the if I try to connect via ftp or sftp to a file transfer server I will generate TCP traffic that theoretically Packetbeat can sniff.

Do you think could be an idea to think up a support to FTP protocol?

It's possible, it may not be difficult given the FTP protocol is pretty static (in regards to changes) too :slight_smile:

I guess you suggest to start from NewProtocolGuide


If you don't need application layer details about the traffic you could try using flows.

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