Which type to use to just monitor TCP traffic/flows


Hi all, I am keen to monitor tcp network flows between two servers. Happens to be Tibco EMS traffic and I understand that the selection of protocol types is limited in Packetbeat but it also infers that you can just capture TCP flows of any TCP protocol via a port. Which "type" would you chose then for this as there is not a generic "TCP" type available. Thanks

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Hi @londonx,

Can you try netflow codec plugin i think its work in this link you can see that codec


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Thanks for that, I`ll give it a go! EDIT it seems this is more for monitoring network devices, currently I only have access to the servers themselves.

Back to packetbeat, any idea which "type" to use when I just want to monitor a non-supported TCP protocol on a specific port to create a flow for that traffic? HTTP?

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Just use the flows feature in packetbeat. No need to configure any application layer protocol. If you know the port to be monitored, you also might want to configure a pcap-filter, so to reduce the amount of traffic to be processed by packetbeat.


I see thanks! So potential feature request? Have a generic "TCP" type where you can specify a list of ports and get transport layer flows for just those? :smiley:

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Have a look at the Flows Enhancements Ticket. Feel free to add more requests to the ticket.

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