Drop filter for multiple integer values of a field?

I'm trying to filter out netflow packets to have only documents indexed that are for the protocol types that I am interested in. There are multiple integers that I want to have those documents indexed in ElasticSearch, so it isn't that possible to chain together "or" statements.

Also, I have the valid protocol ID integers in a JSON file, so is it possible in logstash to build and array of valid integers from that JSON file (or any other format)?

Here is the basic document format, and I want to pass documents with valid integers for field "protocol".

"host": "",
    "@timestamp": "2018-11-10T13:44:44.000Z",
    "netflow": {
      "ipv4_dst_addr": "",
      "flow_seq_num": 188327583,
      "flow_sampler_id": 0,
      "last_switched": "2018-11-10T13:44:29.999Z",
      "ipv4_src_addr": "",
      "l4_src_port": 9004,
      "dst_mask": 23,
      "version": 9,
      "src_tos": 96,
      "in_pkts": 4,
      "in_bytes": 646,
      "tcp_flags": 24,
      "ipv4_next_hop": "",
      "first_switched": "2018-11-10T13:44:18.999Z",
      "l4_dst_port": 38026,
      "src_as": 0,
      "flowset_id": 257,
      "src_mask": 22,
      "output_snmp": 7,
      "dst_as": 0,
      "protocol": 6,
      "input_snmp": 8

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