Drop of some of the Prometheus based metrics at metric beat end

Hi Team,

I followed your document to get prometheus metrics in elasticsearch using metricbeat. But metricbeat is not showing all metrics on kibana dashboard.

Below is Prometheus metrics

On a metricbeat side It is only showing one metrics not its subset.

Metric Beat is showing only one metric. Below is the screenshot.

Below is the module which I am using to fetch the prometheus metric.

Module is

  prometheus.yml: |-
    - module: prometheus
      period: 10s
      metricsets: ["collector"]
      hosts: ["ingress-kong.kong:8100"]
      metrics_path: /metrics
        accept: "text/plain"

Hi Sagar,

Just a couple ideas:

Have you checked the metricbeat logs for errors?

Any chance something is setting metrics_filters causing only certain fields to get included?

I haven't had any trouble using the prometheus integration via elastic agent to ingest multiple metrics, but if there was some problem I would expect it to show up in the collector logs (agent in my case, metricbeat in yours).

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