Prometheus Metricbeat non-beta?

(Greg) #1

Anyone know when the Metricbeat Prometheus addon will be out of beta? Or at least support basic metrics from Prometheus like CPU/Memory?


(Carlos PĂ©rez Aradros) #2

Hi @gregsh,

We don't have specific dates on that, modules go through a process of feedback until we mark them as stable.

I'm wondering, what do you mean by supporting those basic CPU/Memory metrics? The module should be able to pick anything exported using the Prometheus format

(Greg) #3

I enabled the Prometheus module in /etc/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml and disabled the Metricbeat module. There are no CPU, memory, network, disk, or other system level metrics; just four prometheus.stats.* metrics. Perhaps I've misconfigured something? I've pointed metricbeat to our main Prometheus server (port 9090). I know this server has good metrics because Grafana shows current data.

(Monica Sarbu) #4

The Prometheus module has two metricsets: one is stats and one is collector. The stats metricset gets some metrics from the Prometheus server (only these fields: By configuring the collector metricset, you get all the metrics directly from your Prometheus exporters.

(Greg) #5

You're right! Enabling the "collector" metricset did yield many more prometheus metrics. I tried to make some Visualizations for a Dashboard but could not determine what aggregation has the prometheus metrics. I know this is probably out of the scope of the original question. Are there pre-made dashboards for the prometheus collector metricset?

Thanks for your help!

(Monica Sarbu) #6

No, unfortunately, we don't have any dashboard for the Prometheus collector metricset. It would be nice to share your dashboard with the OS community once you build one.

(system) #7

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