Dsl Query - calculate incidence in percentage (%) or bucket_script

Hi guys,

I've a sample dataset with 3 columns (ID, ACTION and AMOUNT):

I would like to create a DSL query in order to check minute by minute:

  • number of documents with ACTION = "purchase" (paramA)
  • number of documents with ACTION = "refund" (paramB)
  • calculate incidence of purchases minute by minute as: paramA / total number of documents (in same minute)
  • calculate incidence of refunds minute by minute as: paramB / total number of documents (in same minute)

I found documentation about "bucket_script", but I'm not able to count Items, not sum them.

My expectation is:
minute 11:30:

  • Number of documents: 6
  • Number of purchases: 3
  • Number of refunds: 3
  • Incidence of purchases: 3 / 6 * 100
  • Incidence of refunds: 3 / 6 * 100

Could you help me, please?

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