DSL Query: LIKE Condition of SQL

Basically I need to perform a search similar to LIKE condition in SQL.

Ex. Index.ColumnA LIKE Index.ColumnX

In other words I need to verify if ColumnA contains or match with Column B. It's important mention that it is not neccesary that both columns have be equals.


I don't think this can be easily done. May be with a script though? https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/query-dsl-script-query.html

Thanks a lot your help.

I found the following script to done, but now I need set the value of my_value with value of other field, for example my_value : "user_name".

Do you know if exist the posibility to perform this?

"inline" : {
"query": { "wildcard" : { "{{my_field}}" : "{{my_value}}" } },
"size" : "{{my_size}}"
"params" : {
"my_field" : "account_name",
"my_value" : "James",
"my_size" : 5

I told you already that I don't think it's possible without a script.

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