During loadtesting Logstash failed to load files with permission denied

Trying to do load testing .When logstash reaches certain limit it start throwing the "failed to open "..."permission denied " error ....but full permission given for the file.

In single index "xyz" the total hits 3341.Two document_type is there "type1": 2135,"type2" : 1186.

After certain amount of log files pushed into ES from LS we face this issue.kindly help us in understanding & resolving the issue.

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What version are you on? What does your config look like? What does your load testing entail?

we use Logstash 2.1.0,Elasticsearch 2.1.0

Load testing involve like loading more jobs to the ES via LS so that we can ensure it can handle huge entries on realtime scenario.
We query ES data and push them into our UI .
Now After certain limit it stops pushing the data into ES so we are missing the data for the particular job.
ERROR : failed to open file "<log file /.log>"permission denied <log file/.log>

Config file : we have one config file for "type1" document_type and 4 config file for "type2" document_type.
From the log file we fetch certain data using grok,ruby code and pushed into the ES.

hi mark ,
any other info needed ??

Solution :
The problem was due to open file limit in linux:

Open /etc/sysctl.conf and Add fs.file-max = 2097152

Above will increase “total” number of files that can
remain open system-wide.

Also We need to increase heap size of Logstash and Elasticsearch for it automatically update in UI page.





This solution helped us to resolve the problem of loading more data into UI page.Now load testing is successfully proceeding.