Dutation field type - days to weeks error

using a horizontal lens vis and a duration metric to human readable duration metrics, there appears to be a conversion miscalculation between days to weeks.

the attached except shows the x axis increasing by 2.3 days until it get to 6.9 days and then itincreases to 2.3 weeks.

Please can someone explain why this is happening?

I guess, when you go into advanced settings on the horizontal axis, you'll find the time shift, which might be left to empty/auto.

If you set it to 1d, 1w as such, depending on your requirement, it will divide the X-Axis on weekly or daily wise.

Try and let me know if that works if that fixes this scenario.


I thought timeshift, allowed you to look at your current time period i.e. 90days in my case and shifted back 90days from the period you select in the time shift. i.e. 1 week, would look at -7days to -97days. I dont think this is the problem here. the issue is when moving from days to weeks. Thanks for your help though.


Hi @Matt.Wash

I assume you have selected a field with a Duration format assigned.
The problem you have is the result of multiple approximations stacked, which leads to those rounded values in the X axis.

A possible solution for that can be to tweak the field format to use a humanized (precise) format rather than the (approximated) one:

Ticks will be less "nice" but, at least, rounding should not be that misleading.

thanks Marco. I am using human-readable precise. I have used 1 and 2 decimal places.


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