Dynamic _types


can we create dynamic type in logstash like

rabbitmq {
host => ""
vhost => '/rfid'
queue => "rfid.t"
threads => 1
prefetch_count => 50
port => 5672
user => "sd"
password => "pswd"
codec => json
durable => true
type => {message.header.acc_type}

so from source (message.header.acc_type) field need to create different types in same index.
is it possible?

Adding to the above actually why we want dynamic _type is

we are getting 30 types and for every type getting 1million records so total 30million records a day
so by distributing each type we thought it will give good performance instead of putting every thing in one index/_type(one type)

Please help us on this is it right way to get good performance.


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