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Currently we are working with a ILP to manage indexes in hot/warm depending on their age. We have noticed retrieving documents from warm indexes is less performant than needed, so, we are thinking in a two steps data retrieval strategy, in the first one, just the hot indexes are going to be queried, and in the second, the ones that are warm.

Nevertheless, I've not been able to find a way to make aliases to dynamically point to the hot indexes only, i. e. we want to keep 10 indexes in hot, and form 11th move them to warm, so every time a new index is created, an older one is moved to warm, and we need the alias to point just to those that are in hot. Is there a way to define the alias in the ILP (or somewhere else), or for it to manage a time window or a index name pattern based on time (e.g. my-index-{now - now-10d})

I've noticed that there are a way to use doc fields for aliases to point to those documents that match a filter, but in my tests it is kind of the same, as the documents need to be queried anyways to find out if the alias applies. Is it possible to use index characteristics (e. g. creation_date), instead of doc fields, to find what indexes operate?

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By ILP, do you mean ILM?

Yes, ILM, sorry

I don't think there is a way to do this with ILM as it stands now. You may want to create a feature request for it.

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