Dynamic dictionary?

For some reason I can't reference a field in my dictionary_path, is this even possible? I want to use a different dictionary depending on a field.

Please show your config, and share what version you are running.

I am using 6.2.4 and here's the translation portion of my config file:

translate { 
    field => "metricId"
    dictionary_path => "/Users/user/diagviz/dict/%{[bundle]}.json"
    destination => "metricTemp"
    override => true 


Where bundle I know is a field that is defined, but the output doesn't replace it with the field when I get the error message.

This is the error message:
[2018-07-05T14:31:57,713][ERROR][logstash.filters.translate] Invalid setting for translate filter plugin:

filter {
translate {
# This setting must be a path
# File does not exist or cannot be opened /Users/user/diagviz/dict/%{[bundle]}.json
dictionary_path => "/Users/user/diagviz/dict/%{[bundle]}.json"

Environment variables do work though.

With a quick view in the source code it seems that is not possible

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I suspect you may need to use one translate plugin per dictionary and control which one you use through conditionals. You might also be able to create a single dictionary where the key contains the bundle, so you can have all data in one file.

The thing is my dictionaries will be variable (I won't know how many dictionaries I need so I generate them dynamically)

eventualy you could try instead of the translate filter to use the jdbc static or streaming filter?


using these with a sqlite db as source would probaly fill your needs

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