How to reference value of field in translate?

I would like to use the device name I have in the dictionary_path in the translate filter but I am having issues with it. is it even possible?

something like

translate {
field => "name"
destination => "lookUp"
dictionary_path => "/name.yml"


yes it is possible I am using the translate feature a lot.

translate {
  field => "name"
  destination => "lookUp"
  dictionary_path => "name.yml"

the issue is with /name.yml you say to logstash to look at the root folder /. You just want to use name.yml if it is inside the same directory as your pipeline is.

but will name.yml be the value inside the field "name"? No that is the full path to the file where you store your map.

Let's say you want to replace the short hostname of your machine with a full name.
shortname = 'philippMacBook'
fullname = 'philippkahrsFancyMacBookWithTouchBar'

  field => "shortname"
  destination => "fullname"
  dictionary_path => "names.yml"

Your names.yml would look like this

philippMacBook: "philippkahrsFancyMacBookWithTouchBar"

so in the names.yml you need to have the value of the field you are looking for stored as a key and the value you want to have in destination stored as a value.

I hope that helps

sorry I mean I want to use the value stored in the name field like a variable to look up the specific .yml file for the translation

I do not know to be honest. I think everything as a value to dictionary_path is treated as a string and does not resolve variables.

Could you explain what you are trying to achieve with the translate filter?

I am trying to look up a number associated with a name but many names have the same number so I would need multiple different .yml files to match the correct names and numbers.. if that makes sense

Ok so from my understanding you have a single key (name) that has multiple values (numbers)?
You would still need to put them all into a single yaml or json with dictionaries.

It is possible to provide multi-valued dictionary values. When using a YAML or JSON dictionary, you can have the value as a hash (map) or an array datatype.

Let's say you have the following key values.

    - philipp
    - macbook
    - touchbar
    - cat

your translate should look like this

  field => "shortname"
  destination => "[fullnames]"
  dictionary_path => "names.yml"

since you are writing an array back. But you still need to combine all your yaml files into one.

i think i have not been very clear and that's my mistake let me try again

i have names of brands and each brand has multiple numbers associated with them ( part number) and each number is associated with a model but the problem is i have the same number used often for each of the brands.

so say i have fields brand and part_number and i was to translate the part number to the correct model based on the brand

translate {
field => "part_number"
destination => "model"
dictionary_path => %{brand}.yml

so say Apple was in the field brand it would use apple.yml in place of %{brand}.yml like a variable

again i do not know if this is possible i was hoping that i could use a variable

I understand your concept now. I do not think that this is possible, since the value of dictionary_path will possible be passed directly, you could open a github issue on that one here maybe they know more.

No, the value of dictionary_path is passed straight to, it is not sprintf'd first.

i see..

is it possible to use nested dictionaries with translate to accomplish what i want to do? for example:

12345: macbook

No not that I know.

the only thing you could do is something like this (pseudocode)

if(name == "Apple"){
    translate{..... dictionary_path: "apple.yml"}
}else if (name == "Samsung"){
    translate{.... dictionary_path: "samsung.yml"}

you would need to create a lot of translates and if queries.

yeah unfortunately I would potentially need to create 1000s

Then I would suggest opening an issue at the github repo I linked above.

If you're willing to transform your translate data a bit you could structure the file like:

Apple_12345: macbook
Apple_12346: iphone
Dell_12345: laptop

Then construct a new field to use for your translate:

translate {
    add_field => { "lookup" => "%{brand}_%{part_number}" }
    field => "lookup"
    destination => "model"
    dictionary_path => "translate_file.yml"
    remove_field =>  [ "lookup" ]

thank you that is a good work around I will have to try it

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