Dynamic field detection not works

Hi all,
Here is my my issue about dynamic mapping. I use Elasticsearch 6.6 and have an index with some fields which i have predefined their names and types in the mapping below. Now, if a new field comes to my index i want to automatically be detected its name and datatype, so i used the dynamic field in mapping creation and set it to 'true'. However, it doesn't detect field type when i index a document with a new field 'test3' of type float, just its name only. When i open the mapping of this index in Kibana i see that the new field 'test3' is of type 'text' which is the default.

PUT my-index/_mapping/doc
      "dynamic": "true",
      "properties": {
            "test1": {
              "type": "float"
            "test2": {
              "type": "float"

PUT /my-index/doc/2
  "test1": "5,555",
  "test2": "7,999",
  "test3": "100,25"

Sorry, but by my mistake i used quotes during indexing the new field, so that's why it was created in the mapping as a text datatype. I fixed it and now works. So, i am gonna close the issue.

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