Dynamic_templates - is path_match on subfield possible?

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Is it possible to use path_match to consider sub fields as criteria in
applying the template?

For example, I have a dynamic template like this, but it isn't really what
I want:

"dynamic_templates": [
"nested_property_attributes": {
"match_mapping_type": "object",
"path_match": "*.value",
"mapping": {
"type": "nested",
"include_in_parent": true

In my data, what is under the path *.value could be a lot of different
things. If there is a property named 'ranking' under .value, then I want
to index it as a nested type. Otherwise, I don't want the template applied.

For example: I want the dynamic template to apply to the path
"foo.bar.value" if and only if there is a "foo.bar.value.ranking" field.

Is there any way to express this? Maybe using "match_pattern": "regex" ?

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