Dynamically create nested objects from a log record

i'm having trouble wrapping my head around how i would go about transforming some items in a log line into nested objects (or whether it's even worthwhile)

its a custom NGINX log that logs upstream connections and the time to response, and there are times when i end up with multiple upstream destinations and response times in one log line, like this:

2019-12-10T12:23:23-05:00 |, | [0.06, 0.07] | api.whatever.com

Where: and response time 0.06 are associated and and response time 0.07 are associated

so I was thinking an array of nested objects would be ideal here.

@timestamp: "2019-12-10T12:23:23-05:00", nginx.gateway.upstream: [ { ip:, response_time: 0.06 }, { ip:, response_time: 0.07 } ], host: "api.whatever.com"

when i parse the log, I can parse the IPs into a list variable: nginx.gateway.upstream.ip_list
and the response_times into a similar list: nginx.gateway.upstream.response_time_list

but i'm not sure how to go from those lists to nested objects. log entries may have only one upstream, or multiple.

i think its worth maintaining the associations so i can trace delays back to the appropriate upstream source.

i guess i should add that I'm using an ingest pipeline to do the parsing and transformations.

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