e-Commerce Variants Handling

Hi there,

We have pretty standard requriements for e-commerce, but currently I see that it looks like App Search isn't capable of providing a proper solution, since it's not supporting nested objects?

Let's say we have a nike shoe.
There are variants for:
Sex: Man / Woman
Size: 4;4,5 ... 13
Color: Black, White, Yellow, etc.
Price: ..

Currently we are using nested objects and "hit" for this variant handling / querying.
Of course we don't want to provide white shoes after user filtered for color:black, what seems to me not working without a nested object handling?

I don't see how we could achieve this type of search in one index (we could add two index like one for all products and another for all variants, but this is misusage of ES).

So is this standard task already too advanced for app search?
Or do I just don't see the way to work with this?


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