Ealstic search Query for python dict

I am forming query for a dict property (python).
dict is : {'src': {u'zone_uuid': [u'Finance'], u'address_uuid': [u'70933214-0d12-407c-9fb1-0a20870dd1bf'], u'zone': [u'Finance'], u'address': ["[u'host-11', u'']"]}

query is: {"query": {"bool": {"must":[{"query_string": {"query": "src.address._lowercase:/.net_1./","analyze_wildcard": "true"}}]}}}}
This works fine.

But if I make query like this on dict (src) instead of its property (src.address), it does not work.

{"query": {"bool": {"must":[{"query_string": {"query": "src._lowercase:/.net_1./","analyze_wildcard": "true"}}]}}}

How this can be done?

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