EC2 discovery (AWS-Cloud) not working for one account, working for the other one

ES 0.90.3, aws-cloud 1.15

I'm using security groups for discovery. Everything works just fine when
running under my dev account and deploying using Cloudformation and a role
with ec2:Describe* permission.
It doesn't work and I had to fall back to unicast discovery in Production.

Any ideas on what to check to try to figure out what's different?


[2013-09-18 16:05:46,597][TRACE][discovery ] [Perun] waiting
for 30s for the initial state to be set by the discovery
[2013-09-18 16:06:16,597][WARN ][discovery ] [Perun] waited
for 30s and no initial state was set by the discovery
[2013-09-18 16:06:16,597][INFO ][discovery ] [Perun]
[2013-09-18 16:06:16,632][INFO ][http ] [Perun]
bound_address {inet[/]}, publish_address
[2013-09-18 16:06:16,632][INFO ][node ] [Perun] started
[2013-09-18 16:09:11,102][INFO ][discovery.ec2 ] [Perun]
Exception while retrieving instance list from AWS API: Unable to execute
HTTP request: Connect to
timed out
[2013-09-18 16:09:11,103][DEBUG][discovery.ec2 ] [Perun] Full
com.amazonaws.AmazonClientException: Unable to execute HTTP request:
Connect to
timed out

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