EC2 discovery - cannot detect different box type

I'm using ec2 discovery plugin to detect master node.
I'm trying hot-warm architecture, so I started serveral nodes with node.attr.box_type: hot.
And then I start new node with node.attr.box_type: warm, this new node cannot detect master node what box type is hot.
But when i modified configurations that don't use discovery plugin and use host address manually, it worked.

ec2 discovery plugin don't work for hot-warm architecture?
My elasitcsearch version is 6.5.1.
Here is warning log about discovery.

[2018-12-27T03:58:01,329][WARN ][o.e.d.z.ZenDiscovery     ] [$private-ip] not enough master nodes discovered during pinging (found [[Candidate{node={$private-ip}{Zffsn6seS1KfQQkb7X9tiQ}{jyd1AMQjRfO68cBzsHpfhA}{$private-ip}{$private-ip:9300}{ml.machine_memory=64389091328, box_type=warm, xpack.installed=true, ml.max_open_jobs=20, ml.enabled=true}, clusterStateVersion=-1}]], but needed [3]), pinging again

The two things are quite independent, and certainly do work together if correctly configured. The ec2-discovery plugin queries the EC2 API for the IP addresses of the other nodes in the cluster. It sounds like your new nodes are not configured correctly.

It looks like ec2-discovery plugin queries EC2 with box type attribute.
If configurations is wrong, why it could detect master node when I wrote hot node's host at ?
My hot nodes are already detecting each others well with ec2-discovery plugin.

Node attributes (such as your box_type attribute) are specific to Elasticsearch and EC2 does not know about them. The settings for the ec2-discovery plugin affect how discovery works, particularly the groups, host_type and availability_zones settings. It'd help if you could share your configuration and any log messages. You could also try setting TRACE to get a lot more detail about the discovery process.

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